Most Expensive Apartments in Gurgaon

We are into construction since 1990.
The word ‘Millennium’ has built a remarkable presence since inception. over the years we diversified our scope by executing large housing multi core projects primarily in NCR region.
we have specialised ourselves primarily in housing segment and have delivered about 70 million sqft of area.
Now we have extended our hands into Architecture and Interiors.
Millennium’s core mission is to deliver projects meeting the highest level of quality, integrity and excellence. The company has strategically created a prestigious image in the market by implementing the three main principles i.e. Quality commitment, timely completion, cost budgeting and best designs.

Our Comprehensive Services

Architecture: We design spaces that are both functional and breathtaking. Our architects breathe life into your dreams.

Construction: Building is not just about bricks and mortar. It’s about crafting foundations for a better future.

Decor: The beauty is in the details. We enhance spaces with thoughtful décor that tells a story.

Interior Design: Where aesthetics meet functionality. Our interior designs are tailored to your lifestyle.

Furniture: Furniture is the soul of a space. We provide exquisite pieces that complement your design.

Elevation Design: The facade sets the first impression. We create remarkable elevations that leave an impact.

At KADS Company, we are not just builders; we are visionaries. We are not just architects; we are dream-weavers. We are not just interior designers; we are life enhancers.

Welcome to a world of limitless possibilities. Welcome to KADS Company.

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